Beacon Capital

South Water Signs is often called upon to implement signing for office building properties owned by Boston-based real estate investment firm Beacon Capital Partners. We have completed a number of unique, one-of-a-kind projects for this client all over the country, helping to realize the vision of Beacon’s design firm, ESI Design.

Case in point: a Beacon-owned property at 300 South Wacker Drive in Chicago, where we successfully implemented a massive 450-foot painted mural on a west-facing exterior wall, and a dramatic large- scale wall installation utilizing a water-cut, custom-lit aluminum map graphic mounted to a marble wall in the main ground-floor reception area.

Visionary projects like this require a seasoned, proven provider to avoid budget-busting pitfalls — just the kind of work in which we excel. The exterior installation — application of the paint — was challenging due to the location, scale and strong west-facing sun exposure. We worked closely with the designers and paint manufacturer to test colors and create a custom formulation for the application.


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